Snapdragon XR2, Gli SmartGlass Wireless Con AR –



Qualcomm is working hard to create a processor that fascinates us all, especially after months and months of endless design. Obviously, he always manages to get prudent results that are able to satisfy each of us, so it might be a good idea to see what they wanted to achieve. But what are we talking about chips this time?

Snapdragon XR2, Gli SmartGlass Wireless Con AR
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Qualcomm It has for some time been showing particular interest in a computing power which is able to organize well Device From the point of view of management, temperature and autonomy. From this we understand why they wanted to design a successor to the Snapdragon XR1, which is none other than Snapdragon XR2. This is not a small thing: in just one year, the company has been able to serve the audience AR Even without connecting to a device with which it would normally be connected.

This passage is also confirmed by the chip Qualcomm FastConnect 6900Or the same thing that has been mounted on some of the best Qualcomm SoCs in circulation that just bridges the gap. WiFi 6/6 e e Bluetooth. This new component, moreover, cannot be missed by the FastConnect XR software specially designed to ensure Signal stability Every time.

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Snapdragon XR2, Gli SmartGlass Wireless Con AR
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Qualcomm, be able to make an offer The new one Products Who can be able to please all our fans in a short time – and above all without exaggerating – has partnered with Goertech Be able to refine the design of the device. In fact, if we look, we notice how much material has been damaged And Change Not positively indifferent; From the lens it is possible to enjoy a double binocular display Micro-OLED from 0.49.Which will serve to show content in full HD resolution with a single frequency 90 HzIn addition, the no-motion-blur function will make images smoother

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The camera Monochrome And an RGB that includes head tracking and six degrees of freedom, as well Tracking From Obey Which is essential for gestures to be recognized. Conclusion we talk about integrated batteries 650 mAhWhich, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Really The best And it surprises us all.


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