Sniper Elite 5: Patch 1.04 available, fixes crashes and reloads animation bugs


Has expressed rebellion Patch 1.04 From Sniper Elite 5, A new chapter in the Sniping Industry series released on PC and consoles last week. Includes the resolution of the update Application crashes And a bug related to weapon reload animation.

Here is the official translation of Sniper Elite 5’s patch 1.04:

  • A crash has been fixed while shooting an enemy that reloads a machine gun before the gunman.
  • Occasional crashes have been fixed while shooting in the water.
  • Fixed an issue where players did not accept weapon attachments while inspecting
  • Workbench at Wolf Mountain DLC.
  • Permanent Acquisitions / Trophies are not always unlocked: “latent elimination” and
  • “Rich to the Point” Nell DLC Wolf Mountain.
  • Players no longer get stuck in reload animation.
  • An issue has been resolved without the sound of explosions.
  • The client no longer closes after the first cuts of some missions in the co-op game.

Sniper Elite 5

In this regard, Sniper Elite 5 has topped the rankings of the best-selling retail games in the United Kingdom in the week of its debut. As explained in our review, it was reasonable to expect more significant improvements and innovations than the predecessor, despite having undisputed qualities 5 years after the previous chapter.

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