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The latest incident comes from social media. A phrase on the Twitter profile of former Real Madrid and Spain champion, Iker Casillas that caused a short-lived sensation.

I hope you respect me, I’m gay” There’s no time to read it, but it’s gone around the world by now that the former Madrid goalkeeper has written it off. Then write again: “Account hacked, I apologize to all my followers. And, of course, more apologies to the LGBT community

Social Media - 20221011
Social Media –

A recent example of time. The ease with which a social profile is hacked is increasingly disarming, it is no coincidence that 2022, as predicted, will beat all previous records of hacker attacks. Leave what it takes to violate someone else’s profile.

How to Protect Yourself Before Hacking And then

There is little you can do against cybercriminals, they are always one step ahead, but it is not possible to do nothing. Also we can at least do a little bit to make his life much more difficult.

The first step is the password. There is more protection built in by password managers, it’s practically clear. There are even ones that can be used while you are offline. It is good and proper to use a unique password for each of your accounts, as it will be more difficult for hackers to access all your personal information.

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Hacker –

Another way to protect yourself is to enable two-factor authentication, which adds another level of difficulty for cybercriminals. For example, if we log into Instagram (very fashionable among boys), just go to the settings, then tap on “Two factor authentication“, then choose”Authentication App (recommended)“e”written message

Always remember that an account is linked Email boxWe can control all our movements if someone else enters our place. Yes, but what to do once the account is hacked?

First you need to go to the only official page of the social network in question to understand what to do. The second step is to search (and find) among our emails, the message from [email protected]: it comes whenever we need to change our email address, inside it is the possibility to confirm or cancel the process; Even if it is old we can still use it, the important thing is to submit a cancellation request.

Assume that any cyber criminal, if he wants to steal us, always finds a way. At least this way we can waste more of their time.


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