Some iPhone 14s call the emergency room alone when their owners are on a roller coaster



Some iPhone 14s call the emergency room alone when their owners are on a roller coaster

The iPhone 14 has been getting people talking since its presentation. The Cupertino firm’s new flagship Brings many interesting functions Of its newer iterations, perhaps the most notable is Dynamic Island (which can recently be installed on Android as an app).

Among all these innovations, there is one responsible for identifying whether the user has been the victim of a car accident. When this happens, the injured user’s iPhone or Apple Watch contacts emergency services and calls for help. Well, apparently This function will be activated in users going on a roller coaster As reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The iPhone interprets high speed as a sign of an accident

Some iPhone 14s call the emergency room alone when their owners are on a roller coaster

iPhone 14 car crash detection not working as it should

The prestigious newspaper reports on the experience of a 39-year-old user named Sara White. Apparently, he rode a roller coaster at Kings Island amusement park in Cincinnati. Obviously, while traveling at a speed of about 100 km/hr, Your iPhone 14 Pro has made dozens of calls to emergency services. The phone explained that he had been in an accident.

When emergency services pick up the phone, an automated response message is delivered “The owner of this iPhone has been in a serious car accident And he’s not answering his phone.” Encountered dozens of calls and voicemails He asked if she was okay. Of course, White reported to emergency services that nothing was wrong.

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It may seem ridiculous to look at it this way, but it is the truth This technology has wasted the time of emergency services. Anyone in genuine need of help can be affected by these fake accidents.

However, this is not the only problem. These are iPhone 14 features Also notifies emergency contactsWhich means users’ friends and relatives can also get a call from these features for no reason, creating nervousness and stress.

It is known from sources that This is not the only such incident Starring the latest Apple smartphone. On at least six occasions they happened at the same amusement park where this user was, along with other roller coasters (such as one located in Chicago) where the same thing happened.

When Apple was asked directly about this, the Cupertino-based company replied that it designed the technology to “provide peace of mind”. That’s what they said Will continue to improve over time, which is not a satisfactory answer. Apple seems to want to point out that these incidents are happening, not a general trend.


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