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Another Xbox exclusive is coming to the console. After years of waiting, it was confirmed today SomervilleThe next game from its creator insideIt already has a release dateAnd we’re just weeks away from getting our hands on this title.

It has been confirmed through the new trailer Somerville November 15 Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Will be available on S and PC Best of all, this title will also be coming to consoles and PC on Day One of Xbox Game Pass, so you have no excuse not to enjoy the experience.

For those who don’t know, Somerville is a 2D puzzle adventure game, pretty much what it looks like. inside y limbo. While the title is currently only confirmed for Xbox and PC consoles, It cannot be ruled out that we will see a release on Switch and PlayStation in the future, as has happened Tunic.

remember, Somerville November 15 Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Coming to S and PC. On a related topic, you can check out our tunic review here.


Editor’s note:

Somerville It looks awesome. Considered as a type of game inside y limboI can’t wait to enter a world that will surely be depressing, but with quite a few interesting details.

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