Sonic Frontiers will have the same experience on Nintendo Switch




Finally sonic border has landed, an open world game where we control the fastest hedgehog in video games available on virtually all current consoles. This is also included Nintendo SwitchFrom which users wonder if it has trimmed content in any way compared to others.

in conversation with Gameriactorchief Sonic team As mentioned sega I wanted to give to the fans switch With the “same experience” as players on other platforms pc “high end”. It says the engine it runs on has been updated repeatedly over the years to make cross-platform development as easy as possible.

Here is his statement:

Our artists are creating a lot of content at a very high level, and if you have this cool, amazing, high-spec PC, that’s great. But we also want to make sure that everyone who plays on Nintendo Switch has the same experience. So we’re not necessarily using the same high-end, but Hedgehog Engine can shrink them down to a size where it will look very comparable on a Nintendo Switch, as it does on a high-end PC.

It’s worth mentioning that comparison videos already show us that the game runs at 720p with a stable 30 frames per second. Of course, pop in theme is something that can be annoying, but it just doesn’t happen switch But with all consoles and even pc.

Remember that Sonic Frontiers already available PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Through: Nintendo Life


Publisher’s Note: The Switch may not have the best power in the world, but at least it runs decently, so the effort to launch Sonic Frontiers is appreciated. Additionally, the portability factor is something that is very worthwhile.


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