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Sony has announced the launch of Cinema Line that will focus on products for content creators starting with the VENICE & FX9.

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With the announcement, Sony has also shared that development of the FX6 is on track and set to ship by the end of 2020.


Upcoming Firmware Updates

Each of the Cinema Line cameras will evolve with user feedback: The FX9 Version 3 upgrade, available in 2021, will see the addition of the S700PTP* allowing Remote Control of Sony’s camera, a Center Scan mode for Super 16mm lens and B4 Lens support with its adaptor as well as other features.

In November 2020, the VENICE camera will see a couple of additional features in its V6.0 version which will improve its operability in broadcast and live environments.

At Sony, we celebrate and have the deepest respect for filmmakers, cinematographers, and storytellers. With Cinema Line, we’re tapping into our DNA from both the film industry and digital imaging prosumer market and combining it to develop new creative tools. This line of products will enable creators to push their creative boundaries further and capture the emotion in each and every frame.

Claus Pfeifer, Head of Connected Content Acquisition, Media Solutions, Sony Professional Europe.


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