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Netflix has been pretty busy lately certifying new cameras for their “Netflix Original” label. The latest approved make and model is the Sony FX6. Let’s dive into the specifics of this latest approval.

Hot on the heels of the certification of the Canon C70 and Panasonic BGH1 cams, the certification of the Sony FX6 (hands-on review here) marks a new game of sorts with affordable cine-cams making their way into high-end productions on Netflix.

Not long ago a “broadcast quality” camera wasn’t something you would (or could) buy on your own, and we’re talking SD quality here.. interesting times, indeed!

Sony FX6 now Netflix approved

It’s almost too perfect: What’s between you and a gig with Netflix is not the price tag of your camera anymore. It’s just your personal network and creativity, really. It’s nice to see that affordable cams appear to deliver decent image quality that makes it onto the big stage.

Netflix Sony FX6 approval
Recommended settings for the Sony FX6. Image credit: Netflix

The one thing, this approval does not include is the anamorphic mode of the Sony FX6, since that mode just crops into the 4K sensor. And as a result, the recorded footage would not meet Netflix 4K standards anymore. But that’s it really, other than that you can grab an FX6 and off you go – creativity, some funding and lot’s of good people around you assumed.

Here are the details of this latest Netflix approval:

Netflix Sony FX6 Approval
Recommended exposure values, high speed and RAW settings. Image credit: Netflix
Netflix Sony FX6 approval
Stick to that daily APR routine! Image credit: Netflix

As mentioned above, the anamorphic mode on the FX6 is not approved but other than that this is a pretty capable (and compact!) camera for documentary work or even as “A”-cam on bigger productions. If the choice of lenses and lighting is good, this little Sony is a more than decent choice I’d say.

Link: Netflix

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