Sony wants more recognition for its photography prowess in smartphones



In recent years, smartphone cameras have become an increasingly defining feature. Otherwise, the difference, at least in hardware, can often be discovered with just a magnifying glass. Many companies rely on Sony’s semiconductor division, Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Google, Apple, OnePlus, and Oppo, all at the drop of a hat.

Since end users often don’t know that Sony actually supplies sensors, a new brand should attract more attention, they write in a Press release. In the future, the products will be sold under the name “Litia”, which will likely also be found in smartphone advertising materials. However, litia is composed of the words “lyra” and “light”.

With LYTIA brand image sensors, SSS wants to further expand its contribution to smartphone photo and video culture and enable more people to access creative image experiences beyond imagination”.

SSS has been supplying the world with image sensors for mobile devices since 2003. This image sensor acts as the “eye” of smartphones and other mobile devices. […] SSS has won the support of many customers, including smartphone manufacturers, which has benefited smartphone users around the world. However, the specific contribution of SSS image sensors to smartphone photography and videography is still not widely known.

Sony Lite logo
Photo: Sony

Samsung is technologically ahead

In fact, Sony is the market leader in terms of smartphone sensors, although competitor Samsung is technologically ahead – at least in terms of resolution.

With their ISOCELL sensors, the South Koreans have long surpassed the 200MP that are now installed in smartphones from Motorola and Xiaomi. But resolution certainly isn’t everything, as tests have amply shown, so it remains to be seen whether Sony will follow this path as well.

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