Sony Xperia Pro- finally a phone that you can use as an external monitor – Newsshooter



Along with the Alpha 1, Sony has also announced the Xperia Pro, which they claim is the world’s first smartphone with dedicated HDMI input.

HDMI Input

It is something people have been wanting to see for a long time, and finally, we have a phone with an HDMI input. If only Apple would do this with their phones. Being able to use a smartphone as a monitor makes a lot of sense. Yes, you have been able to monitor images before on a smartphone, but only wirelessly or through a myriad of conversion boxes.

Having a hard-wired solution makes a lot of sense as most modern-day smartphones feature very bright and color-accurate screens. This makes them very suitable for use with smaller sized cameras.

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We first saw this being demonstrated at IBC 2019 where Sony was showing an Xperia 1 hooked up directly to a Sony VENICE.

Having an HDMI input allows users to enhance their workflow by connecting the phone to a Sony Alpha camera or any other HDMI device. This lets you not only use the Xperia Pro as a monitor, but it also allows you to enable a 5G data link so that you can broadcast video in real-time. To do this, you do need to have a compatible third-party live streaming application.

The Xperia PRO’s high-quality 6.5-inch 4K OLED monitor lets you monitor images via the preinstalled External Monitor host application software.