Sony ZV-1 Firmware Update Enables Video and Audio Livestreaming | CineD


Sony today announced a new free firmware update for the ZV-1 camera. The update allows users to easily utilise video and audio for livestreaming by simply connecting the camera directly to a Windows or Mac computer.

It took a bit of time but the Sony ZV-1 finally supports direct video and audio livestreaming. No third party software is required. We extensively reviewed the camera and its video and audio capabilities when it first came out and were impressed with what it can do. (Read our full review and see the accompanying video by clicking here).

The Sony ZV-1 firmware update goes hand in hand with the increasing popularity of livestreaming and further more, takes advantage of the high quality video and audio that the camera produces.

Sony ZV-1. Image credit: Sony

One other interesting feature is the ability to connect the ZV-1 to Sony’s Xperia 1 II or Xperia 5 II smartphones. (an upgrade to Android 11 –which will be available as of February 2021– will be required). When connected, users can livestream on the go and use those smartphones as a secondary display to read comments and monitor the live feed.

This free firmware updated is available now and can be downloaded from the direct links below:

Do you have the Sony ZV-1 and do you use it for vlogging? Were you missing livestreaming or you used third party software for enabling it on this camera? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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