Sony’s ECM-B10 is a compact digital microphone with a multi-interface shoe connection


Sony is there Announcement A new compact digital shotgun microphone, the ECM-B10. This new multidirectional microphone has three pickup patterns and sends data digitally via Sony’s multi-interface (MI) shoe to its compatible mirrorless camera system, eliminating the need for extra cables and batteries.

This compact microphone is only 7.9cm (3.1 ”) tall, 8.3cm (3.3”) tall and weighs just 74g (2.6oz). It has three built-in pickup patterns – ubiquitous, cardioid and hypercardioid – which can be changed while flying with a three-way switch. Other back buttons include an analog / digital switch, a noise filter switch (off, low cut and noise cut), an attenuation switch (0dB, 10dB and 20dB), an audio level wheel and a toggle to switch between auto and manual. Capture mode

When using ECM-B10 with a Sony Mirrorless camera with a MI shoe, the microphone will digitally convert the analog signal to the microphone before sending it to the camera via the MI shoe. Sony says it uses technology ‘proprietary algorithms [to] Enables instruction as well as noise reduction. ‘ The MI interface also provides all the power the microphone needs, which means there’s no need to charge and save separate batteries when using compatible cameras.

The Sony ECM-B10 is available for pre-order starting today at $ 250. The first units are expected to be shipped in early August 2022 In addition to the microphone, the kit includes a soft pouch, a windscreen and an MI shoe cover.

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