Spaceship RTS Falling Frontier looks like The Expanse in a very good way



Falling Frontier from Stutter Fox Studios is an upcoming space-based real-time strategy game with a semi-realistic space science fiction look. It’s a look that’s really familiar to people who love near-future sci-fi, like those fans of hit series The Expanse. Falling Frontier’s civilian ships have utilitarian designs based around simple usability, while military ships have sleeker, armored designs based around positioning turrets and engines. 

Falling Frontier aims to be a classic RTS-style game, but to innovate on the genre by focusing on “logistical game play and physics based destruction in a large scale star system.” It’s set in a future star system on the edge of human expansion, where competing factions of humanity’s descendants (presumably) fight each other for resources, supremacy, and political reasons. One selection screen shows off choices of Lineage, all large bodies in our own solar system and presumably the origin of your space colonists.


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