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con Spider-Man: No Way Home: More Fun Stuff Edition Hitting theaters around the world today, many fans can’t wait a second to see all the new features this extended version has in store for us. Thus, It is revealed that here we are presented with a new post-credits scene.

thank you Spider-Man: No Way Home: More Fun Stuff Edition Already available in theaters in various regions, the masses have begun to reveal all the extra 11 minutes of news for us. So, it is mentioned The new post-credits scene clarifies one of the biggest doubts that the original version of the film has left us.


Instead of showing the trailer for us Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessThe new post-credits scene shows us organizing a series of photos about Betty Brant’s academic decathlon. homecomingas well as its Europe trip Far from home. nevertheless, No sign of Peter Parker.

when No Way Home It premiered, Many have wondered how Doctor Strange’s spell works. Thus, the new scene clears several doubts that fans had. On related topics, here you can watch the trailer of this extended version Similarly, Kemit arrives Marvel’s Spider-Man with a mod.


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