Spider-Man spinoff film El Muerto already has a director


It was announced a few months ago deadA film based on the character of the same name, who appeared in a few comics Marvel In the center too spider man. Even its participation has been confirmed bad rabbit on tape; However, there wasn’t much news about it until a few minutes ago.

This is confirmed through known means wrapped upwhat Jonas CuaronLike famous film directors the desert, will join the production who will direct all the shots. For his part, the author of Blue Beetle, Gareth Dunnett-Alcocer, He is writing scripts, adapting the most relevant stories that come directly from printed materials.

in comics, dead (real name Juan Carlos Estrada Sanchez) is the son of a wrestler who discovers that he is to inherit a mysterious wrestling mask that imbues him with superhuman strength and endurance.

The character is first seen Friendly Neighbor Spider-Man #6 inside 2006which spider man Warriors encounter at a charity event organized by J. Jonah Jameson. Fans had mixed reviews about the taste of that fight.

It is slated for a theatrical release January 12, 2024.

Through: IGN


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