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One of the many consequences of the pandemic is that major companies have had to release their big movies on streaming services. Although it managed to benefit subscriber numbers from various platforms, some filmmakers didn’t like the idea that the traditional movie theater experience was being forgotten. One of them is Steven Spielbergwho expressed his displeasure in a recent interview.

in conversation with The New York TimesSpielberg talked about platforms like HBO Max They have pushed filmmakers away to promote these services during the pandemic. This is what he commented:

“The pandemic created an opportunity for streaming platforms to increase their subscriptions to record levels and threw some of my best filmmaker friends under the bus, because their films didn’t open in theaters gratuitously. They were paid for and the movies were suddenly released on HBO Max. The case I am talking about. And then everything started to change.”

Let’s remember that on HBO Max we can find movies in cinemas 45 days after their premiere, or even some, like Dune, arrived at the same time on this platform. nevertheless, Spielberg believes that a balance has been found between these two options for large companies as we return to normality.. On a related note, new Harry Potter projects will already be in development. Likewise, here you can watch the new trailer for John Wick Chapter 4.


Editor’s Comment:

Finding the balance may seem complicated, but it is possible. Let’s remember that Disney has a 90-day policy, where after three months, their movies come to Disney+. The day of simultaneous release is gone.

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