Splatoon 3 streamers introduce adult content in matches




Since video games have online modes, somehow some users have tried to include content of a sexual nature in them, a fact from which no title has been spared. And now, it has been confirmed Splatoon 3 There are no exceptions to the rule, since some members of a group vituber They did it in online matches.

The broadcast in question takes place 8th October By Broadcast Group ‘shinsogumi’, subsequently spawning the “AVスプラ” (Splatoon adult video) trend Content was inserted into online matches using chroma keying to create a canvas of the opposing team’s ink color to display mature content in the background.

According to a media release AutomatonStream participants knew that content was being shown in the background and competed with each other to see which stream would be banned. YouTube First, this content is not only against the laws of the platform, but also against the laws of the platform itself. Nintendo Since their games are online.

A stream participant, EquinoneThe following day he apologized by stating:

I’ve made light of breaking terms of service and jumped on new and interesting ideas.

After that, the group mentioned that they will sanction their respective members.

Remember that Splatoon 3 Available at Nintendo Switch.

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