Spotify prepares communities, one of the longest-requested features –


After a long wait, we should finally be there. Soon Spotify will begin a global rollout of the community among the most desired and requested features by users

Spotify Considered to be the number one music streaming platform in the world. A success is largely due to the work done by a team of developers who have been able to give life to an increasingly updated app step by step over time. There are several innovations waiting to see the light and they probably will Already in the next few weeks.

The community for Spotify is finally coming, a feature that has long been requested by users (Adobe Stock) for iOS and Android.

This is it CommunityA feature that should make its debut soon iOS Ad Android. There will be constant updates to the public playlist with TechCrunch, which will make it possible to collect listening activity from friends and relatives to make sure everything is in order. The news first caught the eye of expert Chris Messina on Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know about the Spotify community, new features

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How it should work (Adobe Stock)

If available for desktop apps Windows and MacOS A “Friend Activity” panel exists for a while, so it’s not for ৷ iOS Ad Android. At least so far, since the release Community It seems to be on us. It will be possible to see the latest song selections of friends and relatives in real time, as well as know what they are listening to. There are also some types of animated equalizers, which tick next to the username If you are listening to music. While the rollout is still ongoing, there is a small strategy for using it on iOS right now. Write “spotify: community” from Safari And the Dedicated page will open.

We will see how the news will be received by users, which requires a larger contribution for some time and Total interaction between users on Spotify. It’s like a social network equivalent to Facebook or Instagram. For the moment, it has been decided to take this first step with the community From now until the next few months we’ll see if anything else goes or if users’ hopes are dashed.

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