Spotify, ultra boom. Tutti i numeri della nuova impennata di abbonati. Ecco perché –


C’è chi annuncia clamorose notizie negative, per la prima volta negli ultimi anni, come Netflix. And the gonfiya is the petto to pronounce urbi and orbi a crescita esponenziale di abbonato. Nonostante this period non sia così granché, and nonostante quche gatta dal pelare di troppo.

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E ‘il caso di Spotify. This is not a Swedish musical service that in a certain mode has revolutionized its setting off. streaming on demand a selection of brani varia case discografiche et etichette indipendi (Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group e Universal) ha annunciato l’ultimo report. Ottime notizie.

The number of audio streaming services on the channel is not very high, but not all of them, due to the controversy surrounding their podcast Joe Rogan solo pochi mesi fa. This is the most important news item.

Spotify, che numeri! E ‘mancata solo la ciliegina sulla torta

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Nel trimester termino lo scorso 31 marzo, gli abbonati premium a Spotify sono aumentati del 15% At its base of 182 million, the receipt was 180 million in the first quarter. At the same time, the mental activity of the body increased from 19% annoying to annoying to 422 million, receiving an increase of 406 million from fine to scary annoying. The number of positives does not end there. In the first trimester, infatuation, although the premium was about 16% on its base annuity, while the actual activity of menopause now seems to be much higher, at 18%.

We’ve got a lot going on, but we’ve got 183 million premium quotas in this quarter, we’ve got this legislation, but we’ve got it. Putin dell’Ukraina. “Escluding the imprint of nostra uscita dalla Russia, la crescita degli abbonati ha superato le aspitative“, Affirming comunque the scandinavian society with its communicative stamp.

If you look for a stop, you will get more, more dopes and more official numbers from Spotify. The problem is not so much the fact that it is really relevant in the modus operandi of the controversy Joe Roganwhich has taken place in this quarterly financing.

A controversy broke out when artist Neil Young and Joni Mitchell introduced themselves to the music of the Swedish dopo over a couple of days that Joe Rogan was using in his podcast Spotify on various disinformations of his vaccines.

Bloomberg has noticed that #SpotifyDeleted è The status of your tenderness Twitter Follow the instructions if you are impressed with the service utility. How much, how much, not abstaining to the portal of Allah from which there are innumerable serendipitous quantities.

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