Sprigatito’s evolution has already leaked online




its evolution pokemon In recent years, fans have not had much choice in relation to animals, as it seems the game eccentric He has taken to anthropomorphizing animals. And now with the leaked version Scarlett y Violet It can be confirmed that the design ignores the area, or at least what they do with Sprigatite.

This is pokemon The plant-type primary for this new generation, which promised to be a large beast that would be on four legs, but according to photos shared by the media, it will not be. It has two evolutions Florgato and subsequently Mioskarawhich takes a somewhat semi-human form.

Here you can see them:



It’s worth mentioning, there are also some story spoilers for the game on social media, so fans who don’t want to hear about it should delete the word. pokemon In their match. Franchise leaks are nothing new since the internet became more accessible, so you have to be very careful.

Remember that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Go on sale Switch on November 18.

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Publisher’s Note: It looks like Game Freak hasn’t learned its lesson from Incineroar in Generations of Sun and Moon characters. It was rejected precisely for being too anthropomorphic, and now the same thing is about to happen with sprigatito.


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