Square Enix abandoned FF7 Crisis Core to the PSP, so these fans are making an HD remaster themselves



Final Fantasy 7 was such a big deal back in 1997 that it was the first Final Fantasy game to get a PC port in the west. It’s been ported to all kinds of platforms since then, PC again, and remade (which we hope to see on PC in 2021). To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Square Enix even made a suite of sequels and spin-offs, including a mobile game, the movie Advent Children, a weird third-person shooter, and an action RPG for the PSP. That last one, Crisis Core, was the best received of the bunch: It starred Zack, the cool guy whose identity Cloud stole, swinging around the Buster sword in a game that looked ridiculously good for the PSP’s hardware. Thirteen years and one huge FF7 remake later, Square Enix hasn’t touched Crisis Core, leaving it to linger in obscurity. So some modders decided to give it the HD remaster treatment themselves.

It was nice to have something to actually look forward to doing at home to take my mind off of questions like ‘I wonder if I was exposed to the virus today?’

“I saw it as a chance to teach myself a new skill and entertain myself during the coronavirus shutdowns,” says Evan Qualls, who’s spent the last nine months working on the FF7 Crisis Core Upscale Project in his spare time. Qualls works in telecom sales, and has continued going into his job as an ‘essential worker’ throughout the year.


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