Square Enix registers rumors of Parasite Eve’s return




One of the franchises that begs the most for its current return Parasitic Evewhich started its foundation in the early years play stationincluded square Enix Saga carried the movement that hinted back. And while they seemed somewhat minor for the time being, there is now even greater evidence that such a new release will be possible.

A few days ago, especially 13 October In this same year, the name Symbiogenesisand known as medium Gematsu He said that the term can be defined as the blending of two different organisms to form a single entity. It is directly related to the first game in the said franchise, specifically to the events that took place in history.

Keep that in mind too Square Enix Its name has long been a problem parasite Eve, which is why he had to regularly register his name in copyright. Especially because of what happened with the third installment, 3rd birthdayWhich nickname was missing because they didn’t create the relevant record.

The video game has achieved cult status, as it was an original idea of ​​mixing horror elements with an RPG, adding an interesting story that its users loved. Actually, this story is going to be one the final fantasyBut ultimately a completely different concept was taken that didn’t go the way of the beloved RPG brand.

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