Star Citizen: Sviluppatori al lavoro sulla fisica delle lenzuola, i giocatori lo trovano ridicolo



Cloud Imperium Games has announced that we will have a new caratteristic one Star Citizen: la physics of the lens, more accurately this bedsheet deformation. Naturally, many giants are not very good, but motivate them to do it easily.

Star Citizen è ormai in sviluppo da circa dieci anni ed è difficile immaginare una possible data di uskita. The progress is not so much fat, but the gioco è actually in alpha and ci rimarrà ancora per anni, visto che mancano davvero tante caratteristiche, mentre altre richiedono ancora multe rifiniture.

Lunga attesa data, in tanti hanno trovato assurdo l’annuncio del team di sviluppo di essere al lavoro sulla physica del lenzuola. Second, how to communicate with a charismatic utility, but to change the way it is performed, and how to dedicate it to the other side. avanzata del gioco.

But in what consistency does a magician like the lens of the lens? Nell’s assistants who let go if they come really. In what sense? Quanto è stato dichiarato i personaggi di Squadron 42The single-player module Star Citizen, which has a lot to offer, has a lot of infirmities to the dormitory and the Cloud Imperium to face the lenzulo and compartments in a more realistic modal, which can be considered normal. Let us respond to an emerging problem.

Securely treat a problem that is technically interesting to solve, but as natural as it is, and giocatori not yet presuppose the notion, considering the perceived perception of time. The ultimate goal is to make the physics of the lens or even a priority of the civilizations, as it is a status quo for the first time.

Insomnia, probable giocheremo a Star Citizen tra ultra dieci anni, ma le coperte saranno bellissime.


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