Star of the Squidward Game joins Star Wars: The Acolyte


Sometimes, actors in the entertainment world manage to get great roles because of their career background and above all, the relevance they gain in various programs. And many people know that Squid game This is quite a phenomenon, due to which, Disney It hired an actor to participate Star Wars: The Acolyte.

As published in the media Last date, Lee Jong-jae Will star as well Power Stenberg The upcoming mystery thriller that will take viewers to the dark ages of that universe. The actor has appeared in various films and TV shows, but has attracted attention 2021 And this will be my first time working with a major studio.

This is Lee Jong-jae, the international star of 'Squid Game'

Star Wars: The Acolyte Leslie is from Hedland, who wrote the movie bachelorette y about last night, But perhaps most famous for co-creation Russian doll of Netflix. And now, it looks like it will join the world of blasters and lightsabers, presenting a story that distances itself somewhat from the lineage it left behind. Skywalker.

In this franchise related news. Dr. recently directed the film on the subject of the trilogy Rian Johnson, who basically gives his vision for the nine episodes. The destination of said production is mentioned. If you want to know more, we invite you to click on the following link.

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