Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie won’t be based on the games but is influenced by them, director says


Patty Jenkins, director of the recently announced Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, has explained her movie won’t be an adaptation of the games of the same name, saying, “we’re doing something original with great influence from the games and the books,” in an interview with IGN. “There’s a lot of things being acknowledged and understood about the greatness of all of those things,” she went on to say, “but yes, it’s an original story and I’m so psyched to do it.”

Rogue Squadron the game was released in 1998, an arcade space combat sim that cast you as Luke Skywalker. It featured a lot of lovingly detailed ships from the movies and bonus levels that let you replay the Death Star trench run and the Battle for Hoth. It’s still one of the best Star Wars games on PC.

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