Starfield: Big problem with development, reports a liqueur



Starfield Being Big problem With Development: A leaker, trusted by Timur, a curriculum and information research expert, reports that the game has gone through a real “development hell”.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly Really complicated situation Which is largely related to the technical aspects of the experience, not equivalent to the ambition of the project.

“The flight did not work properly during the test and Creation Engine 2 It’s nothing more than a marketing slogan: it’s just a creation engine with some modified graphics modules and a few new features, but not a rebuild or an actual engine overhaul, “Liqueur said.

“As soon as the game becomes available, it will become clear and moderns will tear it down. Todd Howard said internally, ‘We make games, not development tools’, but the tools are old and the developers have a full box. Poor tool production.” Bad game

“Since launch Fallout 76, Bethesda Game Studios Austin did not work in any new games. They had most of the team in that title and update. Prior to Microsoft’s acquisition, Bethesda had planned to release games on all major platforms, but was pushing for Xbox Exclusive. “

“All titles were made for both the Xbox and PlayStation, and the next cut saved the developers a lot of headaches.”


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