Starfinder Pathfinder could be the new RPG from the authors


Allcat GamesThe team responsible for the recent gaming RPG series PathfinderMay notice the transfer Starfinder In video games as a next project, even if the question is not yet fully defined.

The idea comes from one type Teaser That Allcat has made arrangements to announce what will happen next. Literally, a teaser is called a site whatisnext.owlcat.gamesWhich is “What’s next for the Oulkat Games”, or something like that.

By clicking on the link you can see a large background with the gods Planet Dynamic and the words “a new adventure is coming”. Obviously the question is still very vague, but everything suggests a possible sci-fi setting for the team’s new game.

Excellent Pathfinder: Kingmaker and After Pathfinder: Right of the Righteous, considering Oulkat’s experience with Pathfinder, many feel that the teaser could signal a shift toward Starfinder.

Pathfinder: Right of the Righteous, Uno screenshot

The latter is actually Pathfinder’s RPG “brother” and is characterized by a sci-fi setting.

The Starfinder is set in the same solar system as the Pathfinder, but in a much farther future than the next, after a mysterious event has virtually made Golarion virtually invisible, the planet where the Pathfinder adventure is set.

So we are looking forward to any development in this regard.

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