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With the System Power 10 Series, Stay Calm announces the latest generation of entry-level power supply series. The manufacturer is thus replacing the four-year-old predecessor series. Power packs are available with outputs ranging from 450 to 850 watts.

Since 2018, there has been little change in the low cost power supply sector. Since then, the System Power 9 Series has been the undisputed top dog in the segment. Now an era is coming to an end, as the manufacturer has finally announced a successor. The Stay Calm System Power 10-Serie Now available and divided into five performance classes.

version with 450, 550, 650 and 750 watts Performance 80 plus bronze certified. According to Quiet, the power supply achieves an efficiency of up to 89 percent. one DC-to-DC-technique With four 6 + 2 PCIe connections, a reliable supply of modern graphics cards should be enabled. However, no modern 12-pin connector is used here. that 850 watt top model 80 Plus offers an efficiency of 93.4 percent with Gold certification. Apart from this the power supply has a 12V dual-rail Samot “LLC + SR”-topology.

Bild: Calm down

All models have normal protection circuit OCP, OVP, OPP, SCP, RRP and OTP. The technology inside is cooled by a temperature-controlled system 120 mm fan. According to the manufacturer, it should operate relatively quietly and allow reliable operation. When it comes to cable, keep calm comes into play Flat black strandsTo facilitate cable management. A variety of System Power 10 series power supplies are now available. In terms of price, the whole thing starts at around 50 euros.


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