Steam removes games from its most controversial developers


Games that are hosted steam They are usually available for a long time, and when they are revoked, it is usually a decision on the part of the developer or to renew their specific license. However, there are rare occasions when valve Withdraw the title, and many more to sue the idea with the developers of the same.

Currently, known as the game Domina, the release of a moderately popular gladiator school manager, has been removed from this digital store due to issues with the creator. In particular, through various updates, transphobic messages have been published, which were saved despite many warnings.

Without giving up, Nicholas J. Leonard GorisenThis type of group attack, even mess with the president valve, Gabe Newell, So obviously they had to ban the game from the store. And even though it no longer has a place on Steam, the developer continues to spread his comments across the Internet.

It should be noted that only users report Gorisen through the forum steam, otherwise the platform wouldn’t have found out what was going on. As much quality as the game has, most people have chosen to leave it, as a protest against what is being done with such derogatory comments.

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