Steam’s Big Adventure Event celebrates adventure games in all their forms



The wild and wide-ranging landscape of modern adventure games is getting some love in Steam’s latest digital event, The Big Adventure Event, which is taking a few days to show you the frankly astounding range of upcoming stuff in the genre. There are 50 demos for upcoming or just-released games to play, as well, right on the Big Adventure Event page. The event is accompanied by a string of livestreams from developers of these many upcoming games showing off what they’ve got ahead of their releases.

In addition to all the demos, there’s a great variety of genres on display with some curated selections in different subgenres. A Hearty Laugh shows some comedy games, Splendidly Supernatural has some everyday weirdness, and there’s more: Animal Protagonists, Pretty as a Picture, Spinetingling Thrills, A Detective’s Work, Mindbenders, Retro Roots, and Sci-fi. 


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