Stephen King wants to adapt this novel into a movie




Arguably one of the best writers of fairly modern times Stephen King, an author who has had the privilege of transferring many of his works to the big screen. This includes Pet cemetery, glow, And of course, the novel that made it so popular ITwhich had two different adaptations.

And recently, in a new interview, the author commented that the book he wants to see in a movie is neither more nor less than that. Maderwhich was launched 1995 And see a story that is not far from reality.

This is its summary:

This novel takes us through the perspective of Rosie Daniels, a survivor of domestic abuse who, after years of abuse, leaves her husband to start a new life in another city. However, her husband hunts her down for doing this legal act.

Here are his subtle comments about the film:

I don’t think anyone went for Rose Madder, which I thought would be a great movie.

Remember that streaming There are several films based on the author’s books.

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Publisher’s Note: A film of said work will be made as you are positively qualified. Hopefully a producer will take King’s comments to heart.


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