Stranger Things never re-edits or cuts episodes


Something he was known for George Lucas In the past, especially the franchise that catapulted him to stardom, star wars, as the new versions of the films were restored and edited. and under this Act, its manufacturers Stranger Things They promised that no episodes of the series would be re-released.

This comment didn’t come out of nowhere, as they’ve been suggested in the past to fix story continuity issues, but it seems that the brothers Duffer They want to leave the show because it was edited the first time. The message is published Twitterso that they promise not to touch the original show in any way.

Public Service Announcement: Scenes from previous seasons were never cut or re-edited. And it will never be done.

This is a statement from the manufacturers Stranger Things Rumors follow that a sequence has been cut Jonathan Byers the spy Nancy, that rumor has been debunked. They even told them they already did one “George Lucas”Because this filmmaker added extra segments to revise them and its original episodes star wars.

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At the time, the pair acknowledged a bug from Season 4 where characters seemed to miss birthdays entirely Will Byers, errors of the writers while preparing the script. They themselves let the date pass, commenting that they would see if the case could be fixed somehow.

Remember that Stranger Things Available at Netflix.

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