Stray got an annoying mod that replaces the cat from GTA with CJ


from misguided It went on sale a week ago and has become a trend, thanks to its entertaining gameplay and story that can easily grab any player. And it’s obvious that like every delivery that comes steam Going to get some mods, a recent one that might be annoying for the most sensitive users.

It has been shared by users Griff Griffin inside YoutubeAnd takes control of the intelligent orange cat from us not to take someone else’s role CJIts hero Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The character was shrunk to a very small size, as well as forced to adopt a cat pose, something quite disturbing according to the video’s comments.

Here you can test it:

It’s worth noting, however, that this isn’t the only mod misguidedSince there is one that allows users to use cat Garfield to travel the city Cyberpunk, take the first person perspective. However, the most interesting by far is the addition of the ability to play with a friend in split screen with two cats.

You can download them all Nexus modsTo insert them into your purchased copy later steam.

Through: NexusMods


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