Streaming eventually beat out cable TV Atomics


Times change, and more and more people decide to enjoy series and movies through streaming services instead of opting for traditional cable services on television. A recent study found that where it is stated that streaming Finally surpassed TV.

For the first time in U.S. history, last July streaming surpassed traditional cable when people in the country watched certain types of content, according to a Nielsen study. It is mentioned here Streaming represents 34.8% of TV viewing. This is a fraction more than cable TV, which accounted for 34.4%.


Nielsen notes that this is due to little new content being seen on television in the United States, despite its sixth season Good call Saul. For its part, The second part of the fourth season was on Netflix Stranger ThingsAs well as new series Resident Evil.

Specific facts are mentioned that Netflix leads with 8% of total viewers, with YouTube in second place at 7.3%.. Next, Hulu came in third with 3.6%, followed by Amazon’s Prime Video in fourth place with 3%. Below we have Disney+ with 1.8% and HBO Max in last place with 1% of viewers. Overall, online streaming grew by 3.2% from June 2022.

On a related note, one of Netflix’s best features won’t come with a new subscription. Likewise, more series and movies come out of HBO Max.


Through: Nielsen

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