Student watching her grandmother wash her laptop with soap and water


Today’s technology can seem a bit overwhelming to older people, as computers weren’t used for homework and studying in their youth. And this is what led a young man’s grandmother to clean her personal laptop, but the fact is that she took things as literally as possible, and that was a problem.

its user tick tock known the forest The story unfolds, in which his grandmother sets out with the best of intentions to remove the virus that infects the user’s computer and the space that houses his thesis. What I didn’t know, though, is that this type of equipment isn’t cleaned this way, yet you still see a lot of enthusiasm for cleaning it.


My PC was very clean. It smells like seal soap. #Viral #Comedy #PC #Technology #abuelasdetiktok

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This video quickly went viral on the platform, causing tenderness among social network users, as the gesture of cleaning the computer until it was shiny seemed gentle. Others laughed out of sheer sympathy, some older people not used to these devices.


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