Students create scale maps based on the world of The Witcher


Today’s fans often create items based on their favorite franchises, using tools ranging from figurines, apparel, and even tribute games. pc. However, there are very few who take up the task of creating geographical objects like maps and now, a group has created a detailed map of the world. The witch.

Specifically, it was a team of students from the University of Warsaw in Poland who created a fully detailed scale of this story continent. The best thing is that almost every known location in the game, series and book is very well located, so it could pass for a real life map.

As mentioned above, the digitally created piece of paper looks much like any other professionally designed one, only with imaginary cities and countries. It even includes a simple set of symbols that divide cities by population scale, country boundaries, and even height, something that surprises even the author of the novel.

In Franchise related news The witch. The launch window for the third game was confirmed long ago, only now with all the benefits of a new generation of consoles. If you want to know more about the topic, we invite you to click on the following link.

Through: IGN


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