Studies indicate that people who call themselves “gamers” are more likely to be racist



Gamer studies

Nowadays studies and censuses are quite common in any form of entertainment, this goes for those who enjoy movies, sports and of course, video games. And now, a new study suggests that people who call themselves gamers are more likely to engage in racist and sexist behavior.

This is what the researcher mentioned Rachel Cowart About behavior:

When gamer identity is so focused on who you are as a person, it seems to reflect what we call toxic gamer culture, one that reflects more exclusion than inclusion, hence things like racism, sexism, and misogyny. All of these things we know exist in the gaming space seem to be internalized by those who closely identify as part of that community.

It is notable that this is only addressed in terms of a small fraction of the video game community and is not very comparable to the full number of users. However, there are places like steam y disputeWhere white supremacists will recruit their respective ideals.

Even the post “player” Questions have been raised in the community, and it is often used to categorize toxic people. For someone, a “player” Anyone can play pcFor others, it’s just people who play competitive multiplayer games, or if you play easy, you’re not a gamer, etc.

Investigated by Cowart, Bill SwanProfessor of psychology at the university Texas y Alexi Martel, Ph.D. Student in Psychology, for Academic Journal border communication. Each surveyed hundreds of people who played video games and analyzed gamers’ beliefs. Cowart To understand the research, you need to understand a concept known as “identity fusion,” he said. They define it as when an identity is almost a defining characteristic of a personality, something that permeates every aspect of a person’s life.

In the end, everything will be a matter of perspective, and a certain segment of the community that calls itself a gamer is considered the most toxic. Still, the number of people who take hobby as a normal activity is less than the number of users.

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