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Sunrise Village, InnoGames’ exciting adventure game about family and farming, is a colorful escape into a world of fun and mystery. In this event, the will-o-the-wisps of the nearby forest will be braver than usual as the Halloween atmosphere tempts them to pull off all kinds of mischief in the village! Players must help the villagers capture and calm the disturbing nature spirits. The event runs from October 13th to November 3rd this year.

The Halloween event will put players’ wish-and-the-wisp catching skills to the test! The villagers must help keep the ghostly nature spirits at bay as they prepare the village for the annual Halloween festival. Players take on webs to complete quests, which can be used to catch mysterious paranormal plagues.

The haunted will-and-the-wisp house is the event’s grand prize. This charming building is ideal for will-o-the-wisps who want to relax a bit. It can be upgraded up to level 20 and generates a large amount of wealth with each level. When fully upgraded, it offers ten different types of rewards.

The Halloween event is the latest in a long line of creative and fun events in Sunrise Village, with 138 unique quests to complete. To make things more interesting, quests will evolve as the event progresses, gradually introducing new puzzles. During the event you can unlock unique rewards like Halloween character costumes or “spooky” limited production buildings like the Pumpkin Black Cat.

You can find more information about the Halloween event in this video:

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