Super Mario’s Casio G-Shock, New Limited Edition: Do You Want It? Here’s how to do it –



Contrary to what we might think, not all smart watches are the same: some can be dedicated to very famous brands as well as well-known and acclaimed titles. Now, on that note, there’s a significant point of contact between Nintendo and G-Shock, and that’s the Super Mario Limited Edition watch.

Super Mario's Casio G-Shock, New Limited Edition: Do You Want It?  Here's how
We couldn’t wait to talk about it –

Super Mario always ready to keep with us?

Casio and Nintendo have created a new watch dedicated to them super mario, And take the G-Shock model as a basis. The graphics are completely changed and decorated with a homage to the first 1985 chapter of the historical videogame saga. These digital timepieces will decline in circulation as they choose fonts, photos, and markings befitting a very famous person, as well as loved by all of us.

Watch initials Casio G-Shock X Super Mario It’s the DW5600SMB-4, and comes with a dominant red color on the dial, while the strap is in that ocher shade like the first chapters, with camouflage decorations from many 8-bit Super Marios.

The screen has a blue outline, similar to the classic square of the G-Shock DW-5600, with the time, date, stopwatch and alarm, along with a Koopa shell and font. Nintendo For writing, with golden details such as coins collected during adventures.

Also Purchase package It is considered in every detail with the color red and the design of the game’s initial screen, and of course there is a typical Mario phrase that reads “Here we go!” But what are the specifications of the watch?

Apart from looking good, it is also functional

Super Mario's Casio G-Shock, New Limited Edition: Do You Want It?  Here's how
Watch dedicated to Super Mario is unique –

Like a Classico G-Shock In this case, namely the water resistant and resistant shockproof body up to 200 meters, electroluminescent panel with flashing signal, multi-function alarm, 24-hour stopwatch, 60-minute countdown timer and 12 o’clock format. 24. In short, it has everything that makes it an efficient, useful and above all special smartwatch.

The Casio G-Shock x Super Mario DW5600SMB-4 will, therefore, be available for purchase at a moderate price of 149 euros. Official site or at the G-Shock store in Milan’s Corso Como or at selected points of sale for the event. There won’t be many since this is an exclusive event, perhaps not irreplaceable for what it offers, so let’s think carefully about what to do; It will be really special for some of us to have it on your wrist.

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