Super Nintendo World will sell its merchandise online


One of the biggest wishes for video game fans, but especially SUPER MARIO BROS.Not being able to participate more or less Super Nintendo World, based on the popular story of Universal Studios area company. And like any exclusive site, you can buy products by pointing them out mariowhich will be sold outside the park.

And that is the online product store Universal Studios inside Japan Started listing products related to its area Super Nintendo World, which means users no longer have to travel to the park to purchase them These include stuffed animals, t-shirts, bibs, figures, the famous Toco Toco marioCars from Kart Saga, among other things.

Of course, acquiring the merchandise will be a bit more complicated for those living outside of Japan, since shipments are only made in that region, though this may change in later years. Fortunately, the United States will not have to wait long, the division from next year Super Nintendo World inside California and other states.

In related news Nintendo, it is noted that the company will make a change to the console packaging, thus bringing a significant reduction under certain specific objectives. If you want to know the reasons behind this strange decision, we invite you to click on the following link.

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