Surprise announcement for Apple: two brand new models on the way


According to what has emerged in the past few hours, Apple is planning to pre-launch two new MacBooks with unprecedented levels of technical specifications. And now consumer expectations are even higher

We are entering the most important time of the year when it comes to the universe apple. next September 11 Sanatan will be held this time keynote speech its presentation iPhone 14, Amidst rumors and disbelief that awaits confirmation. But not only because, by the end of the year, the Cupertino OEM may present other devices as well.

According to what has emerged, Apple may soon launch two new MacBook Pros with updated processors (Adobe stock).

There is talk, among other things, of two MacBook Pro con Chip M2 Pro and Max. Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman weighed in on the news, according to the already By the end of 2022 Two products can see the light. Certainly a completely unexpected change, considering that – in Apple’s initial plans – it will have to wait until 2023.

MacBook Pro, including the M2 Pro and M2 Max, here’s what we know

According to what we read in Mark Gurman’s Power One newsletter, Apple wants to introduce new ones to the market MacBook Pro Con Chip M2 Pro and M2 Max Already next fall. Or in any case by the end of 2022, should there be further delays due to problems in the supply chain.

MacBook Pro 20220829
Here’s what’s been released so far, pending confirmation or denial (Adobe Stock)

At the data sheet level, there should be two devices 5 nanometer chip. For those who 3 nm di TSMC, instead, we’ll have to wait until next year. In any case, we will move from the standard 5 nm “N5” process to the 5 nm “N5P” process, which is more advanced and capable of providing better performance. And will definitely be an upgrade in perspective of the main GPU and RAM, Compared to the M1 variant.

And then design Which, at least as raised, shouldn’t register significant changes. Also because just a year ago there was a real upswing with a revised charging model, the introduction of a notch in the display, thinner bezels, a 1080p camera and new MagSafe and HDMI ports. Now it remains to be seen if that news is questioned To be confirmed by Apple or not By itself, fans are curious to know if they will be able to lay their hands on the new top-of-the-range processor computer right away.

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