Surprise from Nikon, a new room dedicated to vulgar –


Nikon He is all willing Introduction uIts new camera Too Better than what we’ve seen so far. Can’t believe it? So Let’s illustrate this incredible device, which seems unique to usuo Gender

This type of device is usually appreciated by anyone –

Nikon The Z series has announced the release of the smallest mirrorless camera: its workspace is vlogging and creating general content, but it has a significant difference in overall quality, which is higher than what smartphones offer. It has been named Nikon Z30And no doubt it’s special in every case because it has a 20.9 MP sensor in DX format, with an interchangeable lens body that takes advantage of the Nikkor Z lens and can record continuously for 125 minutes.

In addition to this it can even resume content Full HD is a 24p or 25p, As well as capture video in 4K / 30p, with an autonomy that, however, in this case, comes down to 35 minutes. On the other hand, if you want to shoot a slow motion movie, it can record at 120p in FHD. Nikon must have an electronic anti-vibration system called E-VR to stabilize the videos. Stereo microphone.

The latest glasses for talking and protection against any external damage

Surprise from Nikon, a new room dedicated to vloggers
Nikon’s new camera is amazing –

The new uninterrupted video can adjust the focus according to the distance change of the AF subject, as well To recognize Human eyes, cats and dogs, regardless of whether they look at the lens or not. For ConnectionIn addition to the 3.5mm jack microphone input, a micro HDMI socket and USB-C port that also works to recharge the camera, introduces Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to the Snapbridge app, and transfers photos and videos Smartphone.

Finally, let’s see how the lens is treated Nano crystal coat By Nikon, which reduces flares and ghosts. The assembly includes Nikon’s ED, Super ED and SR optical glass lenses that drive chromatic distortion from the center to the edge of the image, while Nikkor Z 400mm f / 4.5 VR S It has a nice climate that prevents the entry of dust, dirt and moisture with rubber gaskets in the attachment area.

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