Switch Online N64 Update Live (Version 2.6.0), which is included here


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Switch Online’s N64 library previously received an update regarding the addition of Nintendo Classics Wave Race 64In addition to upgrading the application to version 2.6.0.

Nintendo doesn’t publish patch notes for these specific updates, but luckily for Nintendo Dataminer they do. Oat dome Here again to reveal everything happening behind the scenes. Lots going on in the backend this month – including some changes to last month’s releases, Pokemon Puzzle League:

[NSO – Nintendo 64] Version 2.6.0 has been released.
– Added Wave Race 64.
– Changed viewer settings for NTSC, German and French PAL versions of Pokémon Puzzle League (removed settings related to color frame memory).
– Adjust summation to place PAL version behind NTSC.

Also, there were some changes to the N64 implementation in Japan. Note some changes Custom Robo V2.0 Likewise the Fanta ads in Wave Race 64 which have been replaced with the N64 logo.

Meanwhile, some additional changes have occurred in Japan. In particular, it appears that Fanta ads have been removed in Wave Race 64.

Dataminers and Nintendo Life users luigiblood In detail goes:

N64 Switch Online 2.6.0:
– Removed configuration for Pokemon Puzzle League and updated PCB and NRO (recompiled code). Maybe some solution.
– Updated Custom Robo V2 PCB and NRO.
– Wave Race 64 Rumble Pak (Japan) replaced the Fanta ad with the Nintendo 64 logo.

This latest update follows some changes in version 2.4.0. Learn more on our website Previous reporting.

What do you think of the latest mods with version 2.6.0? Have you noticed anything yourself? Have you tried the expansion pack service yet? Please leave a comment below.

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