T-Mobile US has launched a personal, hybrid 5G portfolio with key partners



Dell Technologies, Ericsson and Nokia partners in T-Mobile US Advanced Network Solutions

T-Mobile has US Announcement A new suite of private 5G solutions designed to help enterprise and government customers with faster speeds, lower latency and more network control as well as providing end-to-end options. The suite, called 5G Advanced Network Solutions (ANS), was developed in partnership with a number of key vendors, including Nokia, Ericsson and Dell Technologies.

Nokia is now working on 5G testing in the carrier’s 5G Open Innovation Lab, and together has a history of advising startups to develop conceptual 5G proofs and move into market strategies.

“We have a long-standing trust partnership with Nokia for our nationwide mobile network, and we look forward to working with Nokia to help enterprises and industry verticals realize the immediate benefits of 5G as they digitize their business and improve operations.” Senior Mishka Dehghan Vice President, Strategy, Product and Solution Engineering, T-Mobile Business Group.

Ericsson, too, has been working with the career for decades; According to the companies from the era of 1G. Not too long ago, the pair achieved several significant milestones for Unique Architecture (SA) 5G. For this project, Ericsson provided its RAN and core solutions for the 5G Advanced Network Solutions portfolio.

“Ericsson is excited to launch T-Mobile’s 5G Advanced Network Solutions with a clear vision for the customer experience and passion for business value,” said Asa Tamson, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Technologies and New Business, Ericsson. “The T-Mobile and Ericsson partnership makes it possible for businesses that want to take wireless to deliver clear results.”

Mike Sewert, CEO of T-Mobile US, says T-Mobile launched 5G ANS “listening to customers” who told carriers that they want effective solutions today that will also scale to meet future digital transformation goals.

“With our 5G network, resources and technological leadership, T-Mobile is uniquely equipped to address a wide range of enterprise challenges with flexible options,” he continued. “This is how the 5G leader makes 5G enterprise solutions.”

5G ANS offers three options for enterprise and government customers: a public mobile network, a hybrid mobile network and a 5G connection with a private mobile network. Additionally, computing services may be added to each method, or customers may choose to use their own computer provider.

International Boat Racing League SailGP is currently using 5G ANS to reduce latency by up to 50% compared to Wi-Fi and CBRS spectrum, and to provide real-time analysis to coaches, athletes and fans through water at 60mph speeds.

“Technology-driven decision-making makes all the difference between winning and losing when flying over water at highway speeds. It also gives fans an amazing viewing experience, “said Russell Coutts, CEO, CellGP. “By strengthening our F50 fleet with 5G Advanced Network Solutions, we have entered a new era of racing. Knowing we have the world’s greatest technology partners enables us to cross the boundaries of the sport and attract the attention of the next generation of nation fans. ”


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