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The world of politics can be somewhat interesting, in that sometimes figures from that sector often perform interesting activism that goes beyond the conventional. And now, a Taiwanese political figure is sharing his favorite pastime, playing with people close to him.

The girl known as Huang Ji played a role brought of Spy X Family With this new cosplay, the character who comments likes it a lot. For their part, they keep you company Lai Pin-yu y Tseng Wen-hsuehEach one with suit your y Lloyd ForgerAnd the most curious thing is that the couple has a relationship in real life in that country too.

Here are the photos:


This is the summary of it Spy X Family For those who don’t know:

Spy X Family is an anime series that follows the story of an agent known as Twilight, who follows any order for the sake of peace. He worked tirelessly to prevent extremists from starting a war with neighboring Ostania.

For his latest mission, he must infiltrate his son’s school and investigate politician Donovan Desmon. To do this, he decides to form a fake family with an orphaned six-year-old girl and an absentee office worker wife named Your Briar.

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