Take a closer look at SpiderHack’s chaotic, compelling gameplay



Hello, Hacksters! Here’s Sergey from tinyBuild, and today I’m incredibly excited to tell you more about our upcoming fast-paced, physics-based, couch multiplayer Blair SpiderHack.

So, how can I describe you SpiderHack? In all honesty, it’s so epic, it’s inexplicable. You have to play it for yourself to get where I come from. Because if you have a seven-legged spider (Does it make them spiders in this case?), Particle Blades, Laser Blaster, Rocket Launcher, Lots of Enemies and Your Friends Together, and Above All Material-Based Environment and Mechanics of War, Mind Blow Web Slinging Parkur Move and Close Call – it sounds like a crazy busy game.

But it’s the chaos that makes SpiderHack so much fun! There are words – a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the new gameplay trailer below.

Take a closer look at SpiderHack's chaotic, compelling gameplay

Seven-legged hero

You play as a great spider and your main goal is to survive as long as possible. Around you, use a huge arsenal of weapons and web slinging skills to overcome your enemies (and even friends).

You can customize your spiders to match their colors and hats to fight the style.

Battlefields and enemies

Spider-hack features several maps and arenas for battle. Some of them are relatively simple and stable, others have elevators running around the place, floating islands and lava walls! And let’s not forget that spiders can end up in zero gravity levels ?!

As I mentioned earlier, your main goal is to survive and crawl to the last spider. So, let’s talk a little bit about enemies.

Trust me when I say don’t bother trying to survive the enemy waves as much as possible. SpiderHack has a variety of enemies and their abilities will test your skills every time you play. Get ready to fight enemies through both close-range and long-range attacks.

Take for example this enemy called Whisp. It wanders in an unexpected way until it decides to focus on you and explodes you with its weapon. It can be quite stressful when you face other enemies and suddenly you see that a whisper has started charging cannons at you.

Kherpi is another example of the enemy you will face. This giant bug is using a homing sphere that follows you around the level. Try to avoid the sphere and destroy the bug by hitting the bright part of its back. You can also follow your enemies to spheres with your particle blades! This is a great way to make some friends.

Spider Arsenal

You can choose SpiderHack from a variety of weapons and master them to be the winner.

Of course, using shotguns and rocket launchers is fun and all, but the main spider’s weapon is a particle blade.

Swing it as you would, deflect shots, or even throw a grenade at your blade at enemies. The possibilities are endless! Master the blade like a dual blade or spear to become a real hack master.

Like all other weapons in the game, particle blades have limited durability. They shrink after each injury, so keep a lot of your eyes on it and don’t end up with bare feet.

Game mode

SpiderHeck features many different game modes for you and your friends to enjoy. Let’s take a closer look at some of them!

Survive the waves

The name speaks for itself. Your goal here is to survive for as many enemy waves as possible. You can take up the challenge yourself or invite your friends to join you Play with up to four spiders in a sofa co-op local multiplayer or play together online with PlayStation Plus. You will have a limited number of lives, but as you move through the waves you will be able to choose from special modifiers that will captivate your abilities and even adversity.

Play fast

Can’t wait to swing that particle blade and see who the hack master is here? Then quickly join the game and find random opponents online. The first spider to win the required number of points.

Vs. mode

Fight against other players or your friends and become the number one spider! You can adjust many different match settings, such as limiting available weapons, disabling maps, and even determining which modifiers will be available.

Hack’s level

We are introducing a brand new mode called Tiers of Heck This is a single player only hardcore version of Wave Survival Mode. This mode will test all your skills as you will face increasing waves of opponents and you will be limited to only one life, so any mistake can be the end of your spider! This mode also has special conditions, such as rising lava, limited ammunition, explosives only, and much more that will make your spider’s life more difficult.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this little preview of the game. SpiderHeck will arrive on PS4 and PS5 later this year and we can’t wait to perform some incredible moves and swing around your level to create memorable moments forever.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and I’ll see you in the arena.


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