Take a closer look at SpiderHack’s wild and incredibly addictive gameplay



Hi, SpiderHack friends! I’m Sergey from tinyBuild, and today I’m excited to tell you more about our next fast-paced, physics-based co-op sofa blazer: SpiderHack!

So how can I describe it …? Truth be told, it’s so epic it’s inexplicable. You have to play with it to understand it. Because if you combine a series of elements, such as a seven-legged spider (So, will they really be spiders?), Particle blades, lightsabers, rocket launchers, lots of enemies and friends, and add to them physics-based environments and battle mechanics, mind-blowing parkour web-throwing moves and extreme action, resulting in a crazy and fast-paced game.

That’s what we love and that’s exactly what Spider-Hack is all about! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the new gameplay trailer below.

Take a closer look at SpiderHack's wild and incredibly addictive gameplay

Seven-legged hero

Play as a fantastic spider with the goal of surviving as long as possible. Use the vast arsenal of weapons and web-knitting skills around you to outrun your enemies (and even friends!).

You can customize the spider by changing the color and headgear to fight the style!

Battlefields and enemies

Spider-hack features several maps and arenas for fighting. Some are relatively simple and stable, others are bounded by moving elevators, floating islands and lava walls! And let’s not forget that spiders can end up in gravity-free levels!

As I said before, the main goal is to survive and be the last spider in the game. So, let’s talk a little bit about enemies!

Trust me when I say don’t bother trying to stay out of enemy waves as much as possible. The variety and ability of SpiderHack’s enemies will test your skills every time you play. Get ready to fight enemies with both close and long range attacks!

For example, let’s take the case of this enemy called Whisp. He explodes unexpectedly until he decides to focus on you and blows you away with his weapon. It can be quite stressful when you are facing other enemies and suddenly you see a whispering cannon aimed at you and start charging.

Another enemy that you may encounter is evil. This giant bug uses a self-guided orbit that follows you across the entire level. Try to avoid it and destroy the insects by hitting the bright part of the back. You can deflect the sphere with your particle blade, sending your enemies back! This is a great way to find allies.

Spider arsenal

At SpiderHeck you can choose from a variety of weapons and master them to win.

Of course, using rifles and rocket launchers is fun, but the main weapon of spiders is a particle blade.

Spin it properly, deflect blows or even apply a grenade to the blade and throw it at enemies. The possibilities are endless! Master the double blade or the spear-shaped blade to become a true master.

Like all other weapons in the game, particle blades have a limited lifespan. They shrink after each shot, so keep your eyes peeled or your steam will run out!

Game mode

SpiderHack offers many game modes to have fun with friends. Let’s take a closer look at them!

Survive the waves

The name speaks for itself. Your goal is to survive as many waves of enemies as possible. You can take up the challenge yourself or invite your friends to join you Play with up to four spiders in the co-op sofa local multiplayer or find friends online with PlayStation Plus! You will have a limited number of lives, however, as you clear the waves you will be able to select special modifiers that will increase your power and even adversity.

Quick match

Can’t wait to show that particle blade rolling and the real master to everyone? So, try the quick match and find random opponents online. The first spider to win the required number of points.

Competitive mode

Become the number one spider and fight against other players or friends! It will be possible to adjust many settings for matches, for example limiting available weapons, disabling maps and even determining which modifiers will be available.

Hack’s level

We are introducing a brand new mode called Tiers of Heck This is a hardcore single player version of Wave Survival Mode. This mode will test all your skills as you face the rising waves of the opponent, but you only have one life, so any mistake can be fatal! It also has special conditions, such as rising lava, limited ammunition, only explosives and many other things that will make your spider’s life more difficult.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this brief preview of the game. SpiderHack will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year and we can’t wait to see you perform amazing steps and create unforgettable moments.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. See you on the field!


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