TaTaTu, the Italian social network enters the stock market and immediately a record reception: list 1.6 billion – Computermagazine.it



Do you want to try a new social network? TaTaTu can probably make the choice for us in this sense. This is a new platform that has been released recently and aims to “impress” all users who are interested in discovering new apps and will probably be able to do so. But what does it look like?

TaTaTu, the Italian social network entered the stock market and immediately received a record reception: listing 1.6 billion
TaTaTu, the new social network of the moment – Computermagazine.it

A new winning app: TaTaTu is here

It has been named TaTaTu, and is a new Italian social network founded by Andrea Irvolino, that may soon revolutionize the web. Unlike all other competitors, read carefully, it allows customers to earn through every activity. Both content creators and users receive credits that they can spend as they see fit within a circuit and soon, possibly outside of the platform.

The company landed yesterdayEuronext in Paris, with a 67.5% gain in shares for a final capitalization of 2.7 billion euros. TaTaTu’s standard capitalization was about 1.6 billion euros, and its grand debut on the European market demonstrated the great interest of investors and the business world in this innovative social network, which is nothing but unoriginal as we understand from its original concept. .

Long term goals

TaTaTu, the Italian social network entered the stock market and immediately received a record reception: listing 1.6 billion
Hope it deserves success – Computermagazine.it

TaTaTu, as you may have realized, is the first entertainment platform that rewards users for taking advantage of published content Social activities. You can earn credits called TTU Coins by watching movies, movies and TV series, posting photos and videos, liking, writing comments, sharing and reading posts and finding new followers.

i am TTU coinAdditionally, they can be used to purchase products and services on TaTaTu e-commerce and soon, online and physical commercial activities as well. We can think of using them to participate in auctions to win exclusive products and experiences, so one of those too value added. However, it is good to know that these credits cannot be transferred outside the TaTaTu ecosystem and cannot be redeemed for cash, bought or sold.

The Italian company explains to us that it firmly believes that users of social networks should be rewarded for their contribution to creating value through their passing. speed Online. And through various possibilities to redeem credits and exchange them for goods and services, the company wants to create a bridge between the digital and physical worlds.

This is probably a great way to build user loyalty and reward them for it. It has a strong ambition to become the world’s most used social network and multimedia platform in the coming years Hundreds of millions of users By 2026. The roadmap is already laid out by its creators, and the idea is to have 80 million subscribers in the next four years. Perhaps it would be so given that in the last 8 months users went from 95,000 in January to 350,000 in August, which is absurd if we think about it.

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