Techart releases fast, small M-mount to E-mount autofocus adapters


Techart, A lens adapter manufacturer, has announced the details of its upcoming LM-EA9, an e-mount adapter from a second-generation M-mount with built-in autofocus capability. This updated adapter will offer improvements compared to its predecessor when shrinking the form factor.

The LM-EA9 is the successor to Techart’s LM-EA7, which the company says is the best-selling product to date. Although there is nothing perfect, Techart has made some changes to make the new LM-EA9 more capable.

The biggest change is the new autofocus system, which now relies on four small motors instead of one large motor. Not only does this allow autofocus to be faster and quieter, but it also gives Tekart the ability to reduce the size of the adapter. Techart has also improved the durability of the mounting plate, which means less wear on the mount, even when using larger lenses.

It is the size of the LM-EA7, clearly larger than the more flexible LM-EA9

Techart says it has changed the aesthetics of the adapter to better match Sony’s lineup of e-mount mirrorless cameras. Techart further notes that as long as you can adapt a lens to the e-mount, you will be able to give it autofocus capability with this adapter.

Techart did not specify the exact release date or pricing information, but we have contacted the company for additional information and will update this article accordingly when we receive a response.

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