Telefonica Tech opens ‘Virtual Data Center’ in Ashburn, VA



Extended Enterprise Cloud Migration Services joins nodes in Florida, Latin America

Telefonica Tech, a security services business unit operated by multinational telecoms, Announced to launch Of a new Virtual Data Center (VDC) node in Ashburn, Virginia. VDC is a personal cloud service that aims to help enterprises move workloads into the cloud environment. According to the company, the service has been launched with new features. VDC adds disaster recovery, backup mechanism and additional security measures.

Telefonica Tech operates several VDC nodes internationally across Miami, Florida and Latin America. Telefonica Tech USA is based in Miami.

VDC aims to gradually transform the enterprise cloud. Telefónica Tech Server promises measurable infrastructure for cloud migration based on VMware’s virtualization technology, including auto-scaling, advanced monitoring and software licensing compliance. According to Telefonica Tech, VDC offers the same network capabilities as a conventional data center – virtual LAN, multi-layer architecture, topology and security, but uses virtualization, network automation and cloud computing services as needed. VDC supports the deployment of hybrid cloud from private cloud that is hosted on on-premises customer facility or Telefonica data center.

“Companies that implement Telefónica Tech’s VDC services will benefit from a virtual infrastructure that acts like a physical structure, depending on their business needs, allowing them to allocate more or less resources without having to purchase new equipment.” Telefonica Tech says 6

Maria Jesus Almazor, CEO of Telefonica Tech’s Cyber ​​Security and Cloud, says the company hosts the largest hub in southern Europe and is poised to become a key player in the US cloud and cybersecurity business.

“We have technical alliances with key vendors in the sector and we have our own significant cloud technology capabilities. In addition, we have a Digital Operations Center (DOC) and eleven Security Operations Centers (SOCs) distributed worldwide to help companies protect and transform digitally in a secure way, “said Almazor.

In February, Telefónica Tech announced a partnership with Oracle to offer Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services as part of their portfolio. And Telefónica España will host Oracle’s first cloud region for Spain.

For Telefónica Tech, Enterprise Security is an increasingly focused effort on hybrid and multi-cloud strategies that complement the growing number of data security and sovereignty requirements around the world – a point underscored by both businesses at the time. Almazor sees the news as a strengthening of Telefonica Tech’s position as a premier platform as a service (PaaS) provider.

Some European tech businesses require extensive international data protection of VDC addresses in an economic shot; At least those who are willing to capitalize on the free REACT-EU funds earmarked for digital transformation efforts in the private industry and the public sector. Spain, Telefonica’s home turf, received € 382.7 million in REACT-EU digital infrastructure funding in January.

“One of the drivers of success in the cloud market is helping our customers transform their digital by offering a complete and differentiated portfolio with the help of reference partners,” said Almazor.


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